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Prominent Labour Leader Abhijeet Rane while giving away various awards on the occasion of Labour Day

On the occasion of International Labour Day and Maharashtra Day Prominent Labour Leader Abhijeet Rane organized a Grand Getgother of members of Dhadak Kamgar Union Federation, followed by various cultural programmes and Award ceremony in which many social workers, women entrepreneurs etc. were awarded. Prominent Labour Leader Abhijeet Rane felicitated them with shawls and trophies. FARHAN QURESHI (ACTOR), MAAN KAUR (ACTRESS), DIPIKA MINKAKSHI (ACTRESS), SIDDHESH RAVINDRA PARAB (CELEBRITY FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER), DOLLY GADRE (FASHION CHOREOGRAPHER), Rakesh Shetty (Owner of Event Junction), Zarin Shaikh (Zarin makeover), Shweta Dhuri &Yashika Dhuri (Performer), D.N. Yadav, Jhullur Yadav, Tulshikumar Yadav, Arvind Yadav, Janardan Yadav, Gulab Yadav, Mahajan Yadav, Santosh Yadav and other awardees were present. During the felicitation Amrita Mishra (Founder - Be Bold Women) and Kunal Jadhav (PRO- Dhadak Kamgar Union) and others were also present.

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