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NHRACACB organizes Magnificence Awards'2023 in Shadnagar, Telangana to mark its 5th anniversary

NHRACACB organizes Magnificence Awards'2023 in Shadnagar, Telangana to mark its 5th anniversary

'National Human Rights Anti-Crime & Anti-Corruption Bureau' organized the glorious 'NHRACACB- Magnificence Awards 2023' on 17 July 2023 at MAA Convention Hall, Shadnagar, Telangana to honor the social heroes of the nation who have contributed to social welfare and celebrate 5 years of bureau's excellence and achievements.

The event was organized under the leadership of prominent humanitarian leader and founder & national president of the organization, Hon'ble Mohit Gupta Ji, and under the guidance of the National General Secretary of the Bureau and prominent labour leader Hon'ble Abhijeet Rane Ji.

Bureau members and representatives, political leaders, officers, celebrities, social workers, and other dignitaries from all over the country participated in this program. Many dignitaries from abroad also registered their presence.

The attendees were honored with the Magnificence Award for their commendable work towards social welfare, philanthropy, and social justice.

The event also featured a workshop and awareness session on human rights which greatly benefited all the attendees.

Special guests at the event were Anjaiah Yadav- MLA Shadnagar, Mr. Narendra Kumar Mishra - Hindustan Times Representative (Maharashtra), Shri. Amol Ashok Rane - CEO of Vast Media Network Pvt. Rajesh Vikrant (Senior Journalist) and Mr. Kunal Jadhav- Art Editor (Daily Mumbai Mitra/ Vritta Mitra) newspaper.

Mingyu Joo, who has received international education in human rights, arrived from South Korea to grace the event as a guest. Mingyu Ji made people aware of human rights and gave a framework on how to work on promoting them.

The senior position holders of the Bureau including Adv. Rutul Kulkarni- National Legal Adviser, Ghasidas Bharadwaj- North and Central India Incharge, Akhilesh Singh- National Incharge (Teachers and Professors Unit), Pawan Jain Padmawat- National Incharge (Mass Media Association), Meer Sikandar Ali- Telangana State Managing President, Mansoor Ali- Telangana State Incharge, Jameel Khan- Telangana State General Secretary, Latesh Patil- Maharashtra State Joint Secretary, Iliyas Nalband- Karnataka State Joint Secretary and many other officials were present in the event and contributed to its success.

The Bureau's 5th anniversary was celebrated with great fanfare by presenting 'Magnificence Awards' to deserving dignitaries. More than 150 people were honored with awards and around 50 people were honored with Magnificence Appreciation Certificates. More than 300 people attended the event which made the event a success.

'National Human Rights Anti-Crime & Anti-Corruption Bureau' (NHRACACB) is a non-governmental organization registered under the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Established in 2018 by the visionary Mohit Gupta Ji, the Bureau's primary objective is to uplift the underprivileged sections of society, safeguard their fundamental rights, ensure fair and impartial justice, and contribute to the creation of a moral society by combating social evils.

Founder Mohit Gupta ji also gave a message to the youth of the country. Mohit Ji said that the youth must be aware of their rights and fight for their own rights as well as those around them, especially the needy. He also said that working with the bureau would be beneficial for them. Mohit Ji said that the primary objective of the bureau is to provide justice to the victimized, deprived, and needy people and to empower the common people.

Prominent Labour leader & National General Secretary of NHRACACB, Abhijeet Rane Ji also shared his views. He spoke about the development of the bureau. Also, he appreciated the leadership quality of Mohit ji, his ability, and hard work and said that the Bureau is producing more than 10,000 social activists who have the strength to eradicate the evils of society like corruption, crime, and exploitation.

All the attendees and the officials of the bureau showed great zeal and enthusiasm. They felt proud to be a part of this grand event. All these social heroes are now ready to work harder and bring a positive change in society and the country.

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