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Under the leadership of Abhijeet Rane workmen of M/s. Micro Pneumatics Pvt. becomes member of Dhadak

Under the leadership of Prominent Labour Leader Abhijeet Rane workmen of M/s. Micro Pneumatics Pvt. Ltd. becomes members of DhadakKamgar Union

Seeing the rise in unfair labor practices at M/s. Micro Pneumatics Pvt. Ltd., a member of KITZ Group, the prominent labor leader Abhijeet Rane left no stone unturned to help the workmen of the company rise above all challenges. Crediting his diligent efforts, the majority of workmen became members of the DhadakKamgar Union. Facing discrimination from the management of the organization, the members of the DhadakKamgar Union under the prowess of Abhijeet Rane raised their opinions towards the management and urged them to view their practices seriously. On moments when the organization neglected their concerns and opposed the workmen’s associations with the union, they still stood their ground and refused to resign from the memberships of the complainant union. M/s. Micro Pneumatics Pvt. Ltd. is renowned to manufacture and generate good revenue from its sales of Electronic Industrial Valves, Tubes, and other Electronic Components. Despite the same, they did not provide an effective salary amount to their employees which concluded for a non-conducive work environment. In times like this, Abhijeet Rane took the torch and made sure that all these workmen were not disrespected on the grounds of the organization, were given all the basic human rights, and made sure that there was no discrimination done. On the behalf of these workmen, DhadakKamgar Union submitted Charter of Demand and demanded payments of incremental wages for the workmen, gradation of workmen, to accord statutory benefits like bonus, leave i.e. P.L. /C.L. and Sick leave, ESIC, and provident funds to the workmen, overtime wages, Uniform, ID Cards, and many more. The DhadakKamgar Union assured the members not to worry about their services. The union approached the management to cease and desist from the unfair labor practices. They also approached various statutory authorities, the office of the commissioner of labor, commissioner of police to intervene in the matter and to give justice to all its members. General Secretary Prominent Labour Leader Abhijeet Rane himself visited the company many times to pursue the management to change their practices. Crediting these relentless efforts, the management finally assured that they will not terminate any member of the union, and uniform increment was given to all the employees. The management accepted all demands which Dhadak Union represented on behalf of the employees of the company owing to which the organization is running smooth and in harmonynow. We are extremely grateful to Utham Kumar (Maharashtra Vice President – Dhadak Kamgar Union), Kunal Jadhav ( PRO – Dhadak Kamgar Union), Micro Pneumatics Pvt. Ltd. Unit President – Deepak Parekh, Unit Vice President - Ajit Naik, Unit Secretary - Nilesh Shah, Unit Treasurer - Roveena Baptista, Committee Members - Dwarkanath Narwekar, Kiran Vasant Bhoir, Maxim D'Souza, Alpita Chaudhari, Robert Almeida and other members.

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