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M/s Hasmukh & Co P.G. staff strike all work

M/s Hasmukh & Co P.G. staff strike all work

The Founder & General Secretary of Dhadak Kamgar Union Prominent Labour Leader Abhijeet Rane has served a strike notice the manangement of M/s. Hasmukh & Co. (P.G.) and its partners with effect from Monday. The notice was served in lieu of the alleged failure of the management to fulfill the assurances given to the workers earlier in May this year.

Rane stated in his notice that it was the management’s assurances and promises that caused the union members to abstain from going on strike in the month of May. “However, even after five months have passed there are no signs of the management addressing any of the workers’ grievances,” he informed.

Copies of letter sent by Dhadak Kamgar Union have also been marked to Maharashtra Labor minister, Hasan Mushrif, Principal Secretary of the state labor department, Labor Commissioner, Mumbai; Deputy Labor Commissioner, Mumbai; and the Sr Police Inspector of LT Marg police station that borders South Mumbai’s Kalabdevi area.

The General Secretary of Dhadak Kamgar Union union alleged blatant harassment, ill-treatment and humiliation at the hands of the management cadres, besides unfair work practices like changing of a worker’s terms and conditions of duty without prior notice. Many in the workforce are subject to arbitrary transfers despite there being no business requirement for the same, he added. The Charter of demands of sent on behalf of workmen is pending since last three years.

The letter included a host of other complaints that pertained to the management cadres subjecting the staff to subhuman working conditions.

The Strike is headed by Prominent Labour Leader Abhijeet Rane, followed by the committee members of Hasmukh and Co. (P.G.) unit President Satyavijay Sawant, Unit Vice president Pradeep Dhawre, Unit Secretary Jayprakash Mishra, Unit Treasurer Sudeep Pawar,Unit Co-Secretary, Shailesh Vengurlekar, Unit advisor Yatin Mehta.

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