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Appointment of Adv. Kunwar Pandey ji for Dadhak Mathadi Gen. Kamgar Union

Appointment of Adv.Kunwar Pandey ji for Dhadak Mathadi Gen.Kamgar Union Today Shri Abhijeet Rane Sir (Founder & General Secretary - Dhadak Mathadi General Kamgar Union) appointed Adv. Shri Kuwar D. Pandey for the post of Legal Advisor for Thane District for Dhadak Mathadi General Kamgar Union. During the appointment Shri Ramjas Yadav (President - Dhadak Kamgar Union) , Ms. Laxmi Nadar (Mumbai Vice President - Dhadak Mathadi General Kamgar Union), Mrs. Durgawati Sahani (President - Andheri Ward No. 61 - Abhijeet Rane Youth Foundation), Mrs. Manda Soni Madam (President - Andheri Taluka - Abhijeet Rane Youth Foundation) and other executive members graced the occasion. We all congratulate Adv. Shri Kunwar D.Pandey for his appointment.

All the Best for your Bright Future !!!!!

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Very good initiative. Wish to work for Women Empowerment?

Ask for my two books on this subjects.

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