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A crusade against injustice, exploitation and malpractices in business, industry and labour oriented establishments & organizations !


An Editor Leader Crusader 



was established & registered on 28th April, 2011


Started with few hundred workers now it has registered membership of about 4,65,851  in around 2113   industrial units and self employed personnel enterprises. 


DHADAK KAMGAR UNION is recognized by most government, semi government, corporate groups and private sector companies as a trustworthy rational and ethical trade union which takes care of worker's interests but at the same time balances it in such a way that industry is also able to progress & grow to achieve it's target. 


ABHIJEET RANE himself is a fighter , warrior and achiever with a difference because though a powerful and popular union leader he has proved himself as a successful businessman, media network's performer and social educational cultural sports activist.


DHADAK KAMGAR UNION has a reputation for non violent peaceful constructive actions and negotiations with employers and managements taking them into confidence to contribute their best to benefit the permanent, casual employees and even contract laborers.


DHADAK KAMGAR UNION has a powerful presence and demanding  commanding position in & around MMRDA area spread across Mumbai, Thane, Raigad and Palghar districts plus remarkable existence in Kolhapur, Sangli, Nasik, Pune, Aurangabad, Ratnagiri, Jalna, Bhusawal  industrial hubs. 


From Rickshaws Taxis Tempos Dumpers Tankers owners and drivers to star hotels  reputed hospitals, famous film and entertainment companies and well known corporate houses DHADAK KAMGAR UNION has impressive following among employees and respectful acceptance from employers. 


First negotiations and only if unavoidable then confrontation is method of 'DHADAK'S finding solutions for disputes or differences between workers and owners so with minimum agitations and demonstrations DHADAK has achieved maximum stability, security and facilities for workers.


A unique and exceptional feature of DHADAK KAMGAR UNION is that it's not affiliated to any other umbrella trade union body nor influenced by any political party. It's independent and self supportive trade union having made inroads into almost every kind of industrial activity.


DHADAK KAMGAR UNION has very cordial relations with central and state Govt.s labor related departments and officials in charge of welfare, reforms, legal protection for laborers so generally DHADAK KAMGAR UNION'S letters , demands and notices are given priority and sympathetic hearing and treated with focused attention to arrive at amicably acceptable solutions. 


ABHIJEET RANE is not affiliated to any particular political party but has widespread support & respect among most of the party leaders, ministers, people's representatives and IAS & IPS  bureaucrats and administrative staff members so under ABHIJEET RANE'S positive, effective, innovative and creative leadership DHADAK KAMGAR UNION has tremendous goodwill and support in labour related government infrastructure. 


Even in private & public business commerce industry and professional circles ABHIJEET RANE & his DHADAK KAMGAR UNION is upheld as a trustworthy reasonable responsible and dependable employees and workers representative organization always balancing well between both the employers and employees, owners and workers!


DHADAK KAMGAR UNION has made it's lasting impression on the arena of trade union movement in Maharashtra and considered as the roll model of trade union standing high in recognition , reputation,  recognition.



ABHIJEET RANE is GENERAL SECRETARY  of DHADAK KAMGAR UNION while other office bearers are as below : 


1  Smt. Anagha Rane

2. Shri Amol Rane

3. Shri Ramjas Yadav  

4. Adv. Narayan Panicker (Murli)

5. Shri Prakash Pawar

6. Ms. Manisha Yadav


DHADAK KAMGAR UNION has following wings and sub organizations in accordance with their areas of activities, Abhijeet Rane is  President of DHADAK KAMGAR UNION MAHASANGH  and under this mahasangh (Federation) 385 unions are associated with us. Few names are as follow : 

Sicom Employees Welfare Association (SEWA) registered Trade Union of SICOM LTD (A Govt. of Maharashtra undertaking)  has appointed  Shri Abhijeet Rane as their Union President.   


We are also doing social, cultural and education activities through our NGOs : 

Abhijeet Rane Youth Foundation

The Great Maratha Educational Trust


Equality Meets Opportunity

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