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Prominent Labour Leader Abhijeet Rane has been awarded by Corona Warrior Certificate by NHRACACB

The Representatives of "National Hunan Rights Anti Crime and Anti Corruption Bureau" conducted A Meeting with Mr. Abhijeet Rane Ji- A Successful Entrepreneur, Editor & Journalist, A Social Worker, and most Importantly A Good Man.

Abhijeet Rane (Founder & General Secretary - Dhadak Kamgar Union) i has worked Selflessly to provide Relief to The People during The Coronavirus Outbreak. Keeping The same in View, He has been Honoured with The 'NHRACACB Corona Warrior Certificate' and appreciated.

The Meeting was conducted Under the founder and National President of The Bureau- Mohit Gupta.

All The Dignitaries Discussed various Topics like The Current Social Issues such as Crimes and Corruption, Human Rights Violations, etc., and Solutions on How to Improve upon these.

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