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First Successful Press conference of Rajputana Fashion walk under the leadership of Abhijeet Rane

First Successful Press conference of Rajputana Fashion Runway walk

& Iconic Award of Be Bold Women Organised by Amrita Mishra and with Due support of Shri. Abhijeet Rane / Daily Mumbai Mitra, Dilip Sen Bollywood Music Composer, Prem Gada/ Presha Creation, Salman Sayyed Creative Director, Kaif Shaikh Executive Director & Siddesh Parab Fashion Photographer in press conference actual rajputana theme was discussed and for the very first time we can see such unique cultured will be shown in all over mumbai on 29 July Saturday in Mukti Auditorium Versova Andheri West. Organiser also mentioned the main Aim/Cause of the event that is for the children suffering from cancer and there would be many surprises and more popular faces of the industry and Indian television will be seen stay stunned for the next press conference and all the best to all the team of be bold women.

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